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How do I redeem my physical prize?

You can easily redeem you prize Vatom by heading a participating Econet store

Congratulations on winning an Econet prize Vatom! To redeem your prize, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Head to your nearest participating Econet Store (find a list participating stores here)
  2. In-store, click on your prize Vatom 
  3. Present your Vatom to an Econet employee. Then tap on the "tap to redeem" button
  4. This opens your camera - scan the QR code in-store to complete redemption. The QR code looks like this:


5. Your server will then present you with your prize! You will then be automatically sent receipt Vatom upon redemption



If you're experiencing difficulties, please read our other FAQ articles or contact support by emailing: support@yoplayhunt.co.zw